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“Silence- Letter from the Earth” is the name of the composer Maurizio Bignone’s new art project. The main topic and leitmotiv of this project is a silent and deep reflection on the current terrestrial environmental conditions in relation to the at times negative impact of mankind’s work. Also, a warning about the possible and inevitable future scenarios. The star of Silence project is, therefore, the Planet Earth, envisioned as the sender of a letter sent to its residents, in which the memories of pristine eras and happy marked by the harmonious rhythm of Nature stand out.  Demetra was the only maker of the cycle of seasons and the protector of the laws. And the advent of man, of how his works in time and in history led to the transformation and disfigurement of the celestial body, one of the biggest of the solar system. Silence also contains a forecast on the future, an uncertain and disastrous future, that the project will develop in dramatic, painful, apocalyptic themes, designed to warn against an inevitable, catastrophic fate, if the earthlings will not reverse the drift of destruction.